In order to ensure the safety of all of our members and guests, Phoenix Rod and Gun Club follows a Cold Range policy. All firearms are to be unloaded and secured at all times on the property, unless the shooter is on the firing line and has been given the command to load their firearm. The following 10 rules of gun safety are to be observed at all times at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club.

1. Do not bring loaded firearms to the firing line.
2. Keep all firearms pointed downrange at all times.
3. Never point a firearm at someone.
4. Before going forward of the firing line, ensure that all firearms are clear by; unloading, opening cylinder, locking slide open, removing magazine and placing firearm on the bench or in the gun box.
5. Do not touch any firearm while someone is forward of the firing line.
6. Obey instantly all commands from the range officer.
7. Handle every firearm as though is is loaded.
8. Ensure that every firearm is unloaded prior to leaving the firing line.
9. Do not leave duds or live ammunition behind.
10. Use only the proper ammunition and equipment for the range you are using.

In addition to the above rules Phoenix Rod and Gun Club also requires shooters to wear hearing and eye protection, whenever shooting on any range on our property.

Thanks for your help in making our club a safe place to shoot and enjoy our firearms.

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