Potential Member! Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Rod and Gun Club!

This club, founded in 1937, has long been known as the center of marksmanship excellence and expertise in the Phoenix area. Located where 7th Ave. meets the base of South Mountain Park, adjacent to the Phoenix Police Academy, the club has 7 simultaneously operable ranges supporting 16 different shooting disciplines from 10 meter Olympic air gun to 500 yard Highpower Rifle. The club has the best equipped and most active Bullseye Pistol range in the state. There is also an active NRA Smallbore and Highpower Rifle divisions as well as Junior Smallbore Rifle Club, IPSC and IDPA practical firearms. Regional and State championships and Arizona State Senior Olympics events in several disciplines, are hosted at our facility. Several past and future Olympic shooters are members of the club. In addition to serious, formal competition shooting, the club is also a great place for recreational shooting by the safe casual and dedicated shooting sports hobbyist alike.

In order to ensure (and fund) safe and legal range operation and encourage dedicated shooters to join our club we have a few simple membership requirements.

Prospective members joining the club will pay a $75.00 initiation fee plus their membership dues. This is your investment into everything this club has bought and built over the past 75 years.

Annual membership dues are $100.00 for annual individual or $120.00 for annual family (pro-rated quarterly if you join mid-year). There are also 5-year rates for individual and family memberships.

Memberships are good from September 1st through August 31st. It is the Member's responsibility to renew their membership annually before the end of the Club's fiscal year. Membership and shooting opportunities are available to those eligible to use firearms without regard to adult age, race, national origin, religion, and/or gender.

Every member:

* Must be legally permitted to own firearms per the questions on a form 4473.
* Will sign an oath of non-violence and release of liability (on the application).
* Must agree to obey the posted or announced range rules and range commands.
* Must be knowledgeable in safe firearms handling.

New member applicants will, upon fee payment, be:

* Considered for approval by the Membership Director.
* Upon approval for membership, issued a membership card.
* Given a range tour and basic safety briefing in order to receive gate code.

Prospective members, please fill out the New Membership Application.
Renewing Members please fill out the Membership Renewal Form.

Please review our guidelines regarding family membership and late fees.
The new version of the Membership Application can be filled out online, then printed and mailed in with your check, so that the Membership Secretary can get you in the system ASAP.

For more information please contact the Membership Secretary.
For more information about the club take a look at the rest of www.phoenixrodandgun.org.

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