Phoenix Rod and Gun Club is located at 915 W Olney Dr. The easiest way to get here is to take 7th Ave south from Baseline, across Dobbins, and then south until it turns right and becomes Olney Dr. Remember that after you cross Dobbins you are in a neighborhood, and need to observe the speed limits. Continue west on Olney Dr. until it dead ends at the gate to the Phoenix Police Academy. When you get to that point our gate will be just to your left.

The following maps are full service Google maps, and as such can be panned with the mouse, and zoomed in and out using the Plus and Minus symbols in the upper left. In the satellite map below we are located to the right of the small road going down the center of the map. The map on bottom shows our location in a broader view, so that you can see exactly where we are located in the valley. Again, that map can be manipulated the same way.

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